Empire State College - State University of New York


As a student of Empire State College-State University of New York you become part of the largest public university system in the United States. Empire State College is one of 64 campuses of the State University of New York (SUNY), serving more than 430,000 students. We have a long tradition of using highly qualified professors to individually guide and assist each new student like you to identify the course combinations that best meet your needs according to your career aspirations.

  • Flexible learning
  • Highly qualified and friendly SUNY professors
  • World class technology to support your learning
  • Affordable cost
  • No need to apply for a visa
  • No need to give up your job
  • No need to leave home
  • A degree like no other
  • Your passport to a successful international career

What degree will I be able to earn?
Through Empire State College’s collaboration with Universidad APEC (UNAPEC), you will earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and Economics. You can earn your State University of New York degree without leaving the Dominican Republic.  Degree programs are constantly being reviewed and updated to meet the changing needs of our students.

Who awards the degree?
Empire State College is a fully accredited college of the State University of New York, the largest public university system in the U.S., and recognized internationally for its excellence. The State University of New York Board of Trustees awards the prestigious Bachelor of Science degree you will earn.

How long will it take to earn my degree?
Empire State College works with you, offering you several ways you can earn your degree. The college recognizes the credits you already have earned at accredited institutions, and applies those credits that qualify toward your degree.

Where will I attend classes?
Empire State College offers you an opportunity to participate in effective, flexible learning programs.  Our professors offer classes in your home country.  Empire State College’s innovative approach to learning includes a combination of classroom-based and online instruction.

What are my options for electives and individualized learning?
An important principle in the founding philosophy of Empire State College is its emphasis on allowing learners to choose course combinations that meet their individual and specific needs.  Therefore, you have the option to identify electives that suit your career objectives and you can work with your mentor to design an individualized learning experience.

What learning resources will be available to me?
Each semester you will have several weeks of classroom instruction, allowing you to work with your professors on an individual basis and in groups.  As a student in this program, you gain immediate access to a virtual (online) library with hundreds of thousands of learning resources, including e-books and over 13,000 journals. You also have access to a wealth of academic support including: tutors who will be able to assist you at any time, skilled online librarians, and a state-of-the-art writing center for developing and expanding your research and writing skills.