Tuition, Financial Aid and application

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees for UNAPEC students, ONLY for part III, courses and advances courses
provided by ESC SUNY
8 courses 32 credits USA$ 375.00 per credit

College Billing Policy
• The college requires that
tuition and required fees be
paid prior to enrollment
• The tuition and fees
charges will be paid at the
UNAPEC student acouting
office in Santo Domingo, by
check, by a combination of
check paiment , credit card,
or in some instances, by
approved financial aid alone.

Application Information
• New students are
admitted to Empire State
College every day.
• To be considered for
You must have a
high school diplom
College Billing Policy Financial Aid Application

Financial Aid
• There are many federal
and state financial aid
programs available to
students at empire State
• Most programs are based
on need, with the amount
of assistance available
determined by submiting a
Free Application for Federal
Student Aid (FAFSA)
For Domincains residents,
FUNDAPEC will offer the
opportunity to have acces
to Long-term Loans.
Tel: 809-689-4171